Why choose SPORTJA?

The training gym in Leiden for all you power and fitness training using standalone weights and practices with your own body weight with high level personal guidance. To achieve the best results you will receive guidance in four areas:
– training
– nutrition
– recovery
– sport coaching

You will train at SPORTJA with a made to measure schedule. We will provide you with your own training schedule made according to your intake interview where you describe your personal training goals and which training styles you specifically enjoy. We will also carry out a movement assessment to see how you move. Your training will comprise of exercises with standalong weights and with your own body weight. To make sure that you have the correct posture and excecution you will receive positive attention from our trainers. In this sports gym you will be part of an open and social environment where there is always time for questions and discussion.

Try SPORTJA a week for free!

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Jens-Incline-DB-press-300x200.jpgWhat does the test week look like?

– First comes an intake interview and movement assessment to 
determine your starting point
– You will complete a minimum of two types of training exercise with a trainer to explain the exercise itself, the stance used and what a successful performance in the exercise looks like
– You will receive a personal training schedule based upon your intake interview and your movement assessment.
– Condition of testmonth: no obligatory subscription and max 1 week per person
– Are you injured? We can advise you regarding physiotherapy


  • Yearly membership unlimited: 39,95 a month, you can cancell after 12 months
  • Montly membership unlimited: 46,95 a month, you can cancell after 1 month

Transferring services

Are you currently using another gym and tied to a contract but would like to come and use SPORTJA? If you begin an annual subscription at SPORTJA, you can complete the remaining months of your existing subscription at SPORTJA for free. You can make use of this transferal of service for a maximum of 3 months before the end of you current membership. Bring your cancellation papers (including expiration date) from your current gym with you to SPORTJA and sign up with us. Your membership at SPORTJA will only begin after your previous gym membership has ended.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. We'll be happy to answer your questions.